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R.S Research Solutions was founded by two veterans in the research grant industry: Sagiv Segal and Ran Hasson. Our professional path as grant writers and research strategy advisors took us from major league academia to international finance and consulting firms.

Seeking to deliver the highest quality of professional services to research performing organizations, we established our own boutique consultancy in 2012. Our services are people-centric, holistic and tailor-made for each client. Our client base expands only through direct references from satisfied clients.

Throughout our professional careers, we helped clients secure more than €50M in research funding.

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About Us

Sagiv Segal
Sagiv Segal


Specializing in EC projects, Sagiv is walking on the borderline between technology, research and finance. Academic research offices and companies seek Sagiv's assistance to transform long-term research goals into a viable research funding strategy. Sagiv also assists academic and industrial researchers in the process of grant scoping, proposal writing and post-award grant management.

Ran Hasson
Ran Hasson


Specializing in funding sources offered by the Israeli government (Israel Innovation Authority, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environmental Protection), Ran offers his clients a strategic overview of R&D Grants and Incentives enabling them to benefit from the widest possible array of non-dilutive research funding.

Our Services

Grant Strategy & Planning

Every research organization seeks to maximize its funding potential. Each funding scheme, however, has its own unique requirements and rational.

We assist our clients in Academia and Industry to answer some of the big questions:

When should we apply and to which grants?

Are we missing relevant funding opportunities we can exploit?

Together, we help our clients plan their grant strategy according to their long-term needs and goals.

Grant Writing & Researcher Development

Every researcher or R&D project is a world unto itself. We are working alongside researchers and companies, helping them shape their ideas into fundable research plans and then realize these ideas as grant-winning projects.

Post-Award Grant Management

Actively managing large, multi-partner European projects can be overwhelming. We offer our clients a diverse range of project management capacities for their winning projects helping them to stay on top of both projects goals and EC requirements.

Grant Writing Training

Grant writing is a skill that can be constantly polished and refined. We deliver specialized grant writing workshops which:

-Delve into the manifestations of human biases in grant evaluation and offer researchers with heuristic techniques to analyze and exploit these biases.

-Provide an overview of the European grant world, the opportunities they unfold and the errors to be avoided.

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